weekly feature. 10.14

Here’s a look at some of this weeks featured items.

Baby Headwrap in Tribal PrintChildren  Accessories  Headband  baby headwrap  baby head wrap  baby headwraps  baby head wraps  headwraps head wrap  headwraps baby  headwrap baby  baby girl hair wrap  baby hair wrap  baby hair wraps  hair wrap baby

This turban baby headband is super soft and fun. It has the perfect fall colors- pink, orange, and gray!  These turbans are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. A great way to add the perfect stylish touch to her (our your) outfits.

Tribal Jewelry Statement Earrings . TribalJewelry  Earrings  Metal  tribal  tribal jewellry  earrings tribal  tribal earring  earring tribal  tribal earing  tribal earrings tribal earings  jewelry trends  jewelry trend  turquoise  big tribal jewelry  big earrings

Tribal jewelry just for you! These tribal style statement earrings are pressed antiqued bronze. They hang about 3″ long.  These earrings have a subtle wild side. Throw these on with your favorite neutral top to add a touch of style to your everyday look.

Gray Turban HeadbandAccessories  Hair  Headband  turban headband  turbans  headbands  comfortable headband  hair wrap  hair covering jersey knit headband  ear warmers  turban  headband  knit headband  gray headband  grey turban

An true gray jersey knit is made into a turban headband. Perfect for those days that you just don’t feel like doing your hair. Roll out of bed, throw your hair up and slip this turban headband on. It’s also great for working out!

Tribal Silver Earring . AnastaJewelry  Earrings  Dangle  silver earring  silver  earring  silver earrings  earring silver  earrings  silver earings silver earing  earings silver  earing silver  silver silver  silver silver silver  tribal silver

These antiqued silver plated earrings are tribal style chandeliers. They catch light beautifully. They hang approx. 2 1/2″ long. Silver is sleek and modern, but will forever be timeless. Throw these earrings for instant elegance. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or dress them up for a stylin’ night out.

Find all of these and more fall goodness in our shop.

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