When You’re Having a Bad Day…

I remember at one point when I was in high school, I was having a hard time. Like any teenage girl, I kind of struggled with my emotions. My mom, like the problem-solver she is, came to the rescue.  We went to the store and bought my favorite smelling candle. We cleaned my room up, and then she told me this – I had to do one nice thing for someone everyday, and come home and tell her about it.

She said sometimes when we are sad, we are thinking too much about ourselves. That if we get out of our own problems and our own heads and focus on what other people might need, we will find happiness in doing good things.

I feel like my mom taught me something huge.  Well, maybe a couple of things.  I learned that sometimes you can get so in your own head about your own sadness, that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  And that thinking about others can help you see the bigger picture.  She also taught me that kindness and thoughtfulness are like a muscle.  That you practice and practice them and you get better.  You start noticing others needs more.  I now have two kids of my own. and when this six year old little girl can’t sort her thoughts out, I want to help move her outside of herself maybe a little, and help her use those emotions for good.   


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