Ode to Teachers

I braved the world of teaching for a short while before Wild Juniper, and each year as the summer ends and backpacks are put together in prep for the new year, my heart goes out to all of the teachers heading into their classrooms to take on another year.

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Thank you for the time you sacrifice, not only while you’re working away grading tests and assimilating groups, but also the time you give up outside of the classroom walls. Thank you for making sure that one kid, the one kid who needs that extra push, doesn’t just survive, but thrives. 

Thank you for the energy you give, not only to rally the troops to and from the bathroom breaks and recess lines, but also the energy you rally each day as your kids walk through the door.  The energy you give to not only put yourself and your worries on the back burner, but to inspire and challenge those kids to push through the hard, to keep going, to not give up until they make it.

Thank you for the passion you muster.  For the heart & soul (and let’s be honest),  blood, sweat and tears you give to these kids.  For the kids that don’t leave your mind after school is out. For the passion you put into trying to teach them in new and tangible ways.  For fighting for growing young minds, no matter the challenges.  Thank you for showing up day in and day out.  Teaching is NOT for the faint of heart.

As a mom; one who is so thankful you pour into my little ones each day, I salute you.  Your sacrifices are not lost on us. May you have a Warrior Worthy school year! -E

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