But, Did He Show Kindness to Others?

Sending my kid into the unknowns of school are so hard for me to navigate. This year my Everett, our oldest, is headed off to 1st grade (which feels so much bigger than kindergarten for some reason.) As we have our “nightly hangs” a.k.a. his bedtime stalling techniques, we tend to chat about the high and low points of the day. What a crazy, strange, oh-so-different world he lives in, than when I attended 1st grade. My deepest wish for him, in his little world, has grown to be less about how he is performing on his timed math tests or his reading level (those teachers tend to kill it in these areas) and has become more about: did he sit with the lonely kid at lunch or has he shown kindness to another. This is a scary thing to hope for him; I’m 100% sure it will come with mean and un-welcomed interactions. But he will soon learn that, that one connection of kindness or friendship was worth it. And I hope home will always be that safe place of encouragement & cheering him on to do the right thing. -e

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