Being a Mama is Hard

Being a Mama is SO hard.  Somedays you feel like you’re winning and others you forget to get your child’s forms done on time so he misses his first day of preschool.  

Somedays you get them dressed and out the door on time, others you loose your child in the house only to find them eating foot powder.

Somedays you make them 3 course organic meals and others you get a call from the school reminding you, you have to pay their lunch account.  

Late library books, no clean clothes, rushed bedtimes, (and dare I say even sometimes yelling) happen.  Nobody preps you for hundreds of ways that you will let your little ones down.  But, something tells me, that in their little minds, they don’t really care.  When I hear their dad ask them about their day, they remember the good.  The list of guilty-mom things that I like to carry around in my back pocket, I have a feeling, isn’t as important to them as:

The time you let them bake with you, or sang “Let it Go!” the whole way to school, or strained your back playing peek-a-boo, chased them outside, or pushed their swing, or let them have an extra 5 minutes before bed or gave them eye lash kisses until they were giggly.  

I think these are the things we should keep in our back pocket.  These are the why its ok that being a mom is SO hard.  

You’re doing a great job Mamas.


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