What the Heck is Life?

 I recently I took a double decker bus tour, with a dear friend, of our city.  It was fun to play “tourist” in our own town and i came away with about 80, 000 facts about the history and the people of this Kansas City home that I love.  It definitely thrilled my inner-history loving geek.  But, I tend to be a little wacky and sentimental in my thoughts so of course I have been overly analyzing some thoughts on that experience.  (I won’t judge you if you stop reading.) 

Add in a recent journey of watching my dear sweet Pops (grandpa) battling cancer and the affects that chemo has done to his body and health.  It is an evil and awful sickness, that steals everything.  

It all has been an exploration of this beautiful thing that I call life and what to do with it.  It is so crazy to think of all of the people and the lives that were here in these exact same spots before us, a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, probably experiencing some of the same core emotions as we all do now.  Our life is such a fragile and insane thing and we all just get one. 

I haven’t had any huge epiphanies, but I have begun to consider that possibly the great things and the most lasting legacies happen in the small, routines and rhythms that we do day to day. Kindness, generosity, compassion, time together with others.  My laundry piles and never ending clutter tends to cramp this style of mine, but I have been thinking harder and trying to do the next right thing in moving toward making the life I do have one I share.  This is what will matter.  

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