Taking A Moment from the Hustle

I’m sure glad I’ve driven all over heaven and earth trying to find the right hatchimal, when a Burger King crown would have been sufficient. I spent the afternoon trying to convince my littles to be good while I had 8,000 errands to run.  Just when I think I’ve finished my gifts shopping I swear I think of 5 more things I need to get. I give up. I was running around like a crazy woman yesterday and even attempted to survive, wait for it… walmart. 

I really do love most of the things that make this season this season, but it can be so overwhelming.  No matter how organized I get before Thanksgiving, I still find myself running around like, well, a crazy lady trying to cross it all off.

And as I was listening to Bing Crosby for the 57th time and bribing my kids so they would stop pulling all of the things off the shelves, I had a moment.  That moment of “dang it, I think I’ve lost the perspective again.”  That glimpse of stepping off the carousel and watching the blur of lights from which you came. 

It’s not about any of this.  I have totally gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle and the stressfully festive events that muddle up my calendar.  The whole reason I celebrate is because of a much much quieter, slower and still moment.  A peaceful and hopeful moment.  

I absolutely love so many things about this Christmas season.  I just think I make too much of a fuss over all of it trying to be perfect in it.  Striving to do it all.  That is too much pressure for me.  I’m so thankful for moments of stepping out of the blur and remembering the “why.”  I can’t say I am good at staying in that, but I AM saying I am going to try to figure out how to bring more peace to this season and I have hope that I can also pass along some to others.


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