Rock Party

photo cred: Kaylee Hoeflicker
i like to make my friends cry on my birthday.
two years ago, i started a tradition where i gave my friends a little gift and a note.  i’m not sentimental until i am.  this past year, i was inspired by our own kaylee hoeflicker.  she is a huge part of the visual creativity around here.  she posted a picture on her social media feed of a rock with her beautiful writing on it.  i had been thinking how i would make my friends cry on my birthday and this popped up.  it was perfect. i loved the symbolism… giving a rock to all of the “rocks” in my life, to the people who keep my grounded.  and so i spent some time reflecting on these people and what they meant to me.  i thought of one word for each of them, one word that really embodied who they were to me and what i saw of them as an individual in this season.
lifting others up does something right inside of me.
i’ve been thinking lately how we make everything about us.  and how that is set up to be our demise.  if someone is doing well at work or killing it as a mom or looking super hot, we can’t get over ourselves enough to say “you’re killing it.” we make it about us and we compare.  insert eyeroll. i’m over it. i can’t live like that anymore.  someone else’s success has nothing to do with me.  and me making it about me makes literally no sense and benefits no one.
here’s what i want to start doing.  i want to start lifting others up more.  because here’s the deal – i’m a human. i will be for the rest of this life.  so i’m still going to make stuff about me.  that’s what humans do.  but… BUT… if i can be changed more on the inside by lifting people up and making it about them and not me, i’m gonna give that a shot.
erin and i are really into this. we keep talking about it and can’t quit thinking about it.  we want to be changed and be different. not for the sake of either, but because it’s our next right thing.


come hangout at the shop and have a glass of wine, some chocolate, and create a unique (and very simple…we promise) gift.
our hope is that you get to spend some slow time thinking about the women in your life.  thinking about your tribe. that maybe this could be a still space in time for you to have fun and reflect on the people that are making you into the person you are and walk away with a small token to give them.
you’ll simply paint/decorate a rock and our own rockstar letterer will write on the rock a word that you feel embodies the person that is receiving the it.  we will have some pretty stationary for you to write a letter explaining why you picked that word for that person.
you can purchase as many rocks as you want… they will be $3 each.
rsvp with how many rocks you’d like to purchase and we will have supplies ready for you.

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