45 Minute Boot Camp Workout and Living Healthy-ish

I feel like part of growing up is having periodic “come to Jesus” moments with yourself.  About three years ago,  I had one of these moments.  I was annoyed that my jeans felt tight and I was annoyed when I saw other women eat things like pizza and sweets and it SEEMED like they never gained a pound.  I was grumpy and dissatisfied.  Then, out of nowhere, clarity came.  It sounded like this, “Racheal. This is literally your body.  You are wasting precious time comparing.  Accept and love what you’ve got.  If you want a fitter body, you’re gonna have to work for it.”   Here’s the deal.  I have a slow-ish metabolism.  I’ve not had that medically diagnosed or anything, but I just know.  And all those movies and shows where the cool girl is the one who can eat cheeseburgers all day and all the people love her because she’s cool and happy and not eating salads always used to make me eyeroll so hard.  But during my come to Jesus with myself moment, this weird thing happened where I realized that the hurdles I have to jump through to be a fitter and healthier version of myself would actually also change me for the better on the inside.  I could complain and stare at junk food all day and compare, or I could own who I was and the body I’m given.  And to me that meant changing how I ate and working out.  All the times I’d started in the past had lasted a few weeks and then just dissolved.  But this time, it was different because it started inside.  It was like I’d been given this body so that I could learn consistency and discipline in a real way.  Those things don’t come naturally to me, so it was like a lightbulb went off for me.  This was how I was going to learn to be more consistent and disciplined, which is more important than how I look, because those qualities trickle into every other area of my life. Since I started this whole journey, I’ve developed a love for exercise and eating healthy (read healthy-ish, meaning I also still love wine and Mexican food, among other things).



My workout essentials are cute workout clothes, bluetooth headphones, and a good playlist.  I got an Apple Watch for Christmas, and while it’s definitely not necessary to have a fitness tracker to be fit, I have enjoyed seeing (read “ruthlessly competing with”) my sister and other friends’ workouts on the Activity app.  I also love being able to throw on a turban to cover up all the craziness happening in my hair after working out.


I am in no sense of the word a nutritionist and I’m also not a fitness trainer.  These people work very hard and are much, much smarter than me in their specialties.  But I thought I’d share with you a workout that Erin and I did last week that I’m still sore from as I’m writing this.

Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rest for 20 seconds. (1)

I burned (according to my Apple Watch) 425 calories during this workout, so I felt like it was a good one!



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