how to grow a wildflower garden

I am beyond excited about spring and the fact that it is time to get some plants in the yard and on porches and back decks and all over the place.

I have a square foot garden that has officially been unsuccessful for 6 years now.  Mainly because of my lack of watering skills, or I should say “remembering to water” skills.  I just decided this year it is time for a change.  I am going to embrace my abilities and inabilities and I am going to fill my square foot gardens with wildflowers.  Flowers are more up my alley than vegetables anyways.


I plan to cut some weekly, maybe even daily, to line our kitchen table.  More than that I plan to give them away. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed and shared.  The beauty of wildflowers are they’re free to just be.  They exist in the full beauty of how they were created.

-erin Talley (1)

I don’t always feel free to be me or appreciate that I am made the way I am for a reason. For a purpose. A lot of times I just feel like a hot mess.

This week I was able to be honest about my downfalls as a mama, especially when it comes to routine.  We really struggle with getting out the door on time (well I do) and I finally reached my tipping point when I not only was late dropping off my oldest to school, but I had to walk him inside and sign him in because it was well past the bell.  I usually tend to try to fix it on my own, but I had reached my wits end. So, I decided to ask for help.  The response was amazing.  I had so many mamas who excel in this area reach out to me with tips and tricks.  More than that, I had so many mamas who encouraged me and cheered me on.  I could have let my weaknesses tap into my insecurities of not being a great mom, instead I let their help become an opportunity to grow.  It was very freeing. 

I only hope to get to do the same for others one day.  We aren’t all great at everything.  We are all made to be great at some things and to share those gifts. 

Instead of focusing on what we can’t do or where we fall short, what if we leaned into someone with that strength and they carried us?  And what if they did the same?  What if we were made with strengths and weakness so that we could not do it on our own.  What if we were meant to find freedom in holding each other up? 

As I try a new approach to my square foot gardens this summer, I hope that the flowers on my table and the flowers I share, only remind me of the beauty of choosing to just be who I was created to be.  Thank goodness, I go better with others.


1. choose your seeds (1)

  1. Choose your seeds.  I chose a standard mix.  I love bright colors so I made sure my mix included zinnias, which I know I have successfully grown before. 
  2. Choose your location.  Check the back of your seed packet for information on if the plants will need mostly sun or part shade.  The square foot gardens at our house are shaded in the morning but have full afternoon sun so I got the full sun mix.
  3. Ready the soil.  I use this soil which I have found in the past is great for seed starting.  Use a rake to break apart any clumps in the soil and smooth out the surface.
  4. Spread the seeds. I sprinkle in one direction and try to scatter them smoothly from my hand.  Try to get them evenly dispersed throughout the flower bed.  Some will take and some will not.
  5. Spread the soil around with your hand or walk over them to pat them down from the wind.  You won’t want to plant them too deep or they won’t grow, but you do want to make sure they are slightly covered by soil.
  6. Water.  Occasionally–thats the best part to me.  The soil just needs to stay moist.  They may need more water in the hotter months of summer but don’t over water them.  Sprouting should occur in about 2 weeks.
  7. Love them.  Place them in mason jars on your tables and window sills.  Put them in your hair, but most of all give them to your people, your neighbors or anyone needing a little more love in their life.

“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.

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  1. “What if we were meant to find freedom in holding each other up?” What a beautiful sentiment. I love it. Nobody’s perfect but we all have our strengths and should help one another. <3 Also, one of my favorite childhood memories was watching my Nonna garden so this post made me smile 🙂

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