spring fever and porch decorating

I officially have spring fever.  I have diagnosed myself.  I don’t even need a search on the google machine and I don’t need WebMD.   Symptoms include: heart swelling at the sound of birds chirping, not being able to leave a store without a plant purchase, countless hours spent in Target outdoor section,  excessive planting of herbs and flowers, not being able to sit indoors,  incessant talking about grass, trees, and landscaping, purchasing of new garden gloves and cute watering cans, and only able to eat foods made on an outdoor grill or foods that yell “IT’S SPRING EAT ME!”


So, obviously, I have a wish list.  Here’s what I’m wanting to put on my porch and my deck this year.


links: hammockwreathlanternplanterpillowstoolbench, rug, string lights

This past winter was a long one.  I was honestly unsure if it was going to end.  When I finally saw Spring coming, I began to catch all the feels.  I woke up and it was sunny and 60 degrees and my entire inside world began to change with the outside.   I began to feel hopeful and more energetic.  And then, the next day, it rained.  And I wasn’t mad at the rain like I usually am because I am a grown person and I have things to do and rain makes those things harder and less fun.  Instead, I began thinking about the rhythm of the cold and the warmth and rain and dryness.  It’s all part of this plan that is so much bigger than our plans.  This death and life cycle is necessary and out of our hands.  Certain parts of the cycle are easier to enjoy and bring so much hope to our souls.  I am working out in my brain the parts of the cycle that are hard to enjoy… the purpose of them.  While I am not resting until I feel like I’ve bottled every ounce of sunshine I can,  I’m processing the winter that comes every year.  I think Spring is meant to be enjoyed.  It’s a time for planting and nurturing, for playing and watching.  I am wondering about the hard parts.  The parts that are maybe not meant to be enjoyed, but maybe they’re the path to get to the ones we enjoy.  I didn’t do winter very well.  I met my “limit” or my “capacity” for it and was DONE.   And now that the easy part is here, the part where everyday looks like a painting and a gift,  I’m thinking about how we all made it through the hard part and now we are on the other side.  And maybe HOW we make it through the hard part is the purpose of the winter and spring is the gift.

if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.



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  1. Racheal, your writing is just beautiful. Love hearing your perspective. Also, I totally feel you on being ecstatic about spring! I live in Chicago and couldn’t wait for it to warm up. After a long winter, it FINALLY feels like spring!! hehe. Have a wonderful weekend! ☀️

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