how to make a wreath

Our days are saturated with the thoughts and opinions of other sources telling us how we should dress, eat, exercise, raise our children, treat our spouses, and decorate our homes.  I get caught in that trap.  Scrolling through Instagram, staring at all the rooms with the perfect light and the clean floors and the beautiful couch/rug/light fixture/fiddle leaf fig/pillows, etc.  and my  knee jerk reaction is to think if that’s what pretty is, I need to do that.  So I look up from that tiny yet powerful rectangle held in my hand and see dust, toys, a granola bar wrapper, and my less than perfect everything.  It doesn’t look like what I just saw in those squares.  I’ll just have to make it look like that, I think.  But then I quickly realize I don’t have the time or resources to get there.  Thankfully.  Because there is not where I am.  There is there and here is here and I’m HERE.  And what I have is my own little space that isn’t defined by a square found on a rectangle.   It’s defined by me and mine.  When I realize that, I’m free to make it mine.  Which, for me, means thrift stores and garage sales and family heirlooms and things I make.  And it means it might be perfect today but next Tuesday I will probably want to move some things around and then it’ll be perfect again.  I’m constantly thinking about what spaces the kids gravitate towards and why and where we as a family spend our time and how to make those spaces work better for us.

Here’s what else being okay with being here and not there does for me and you.  It makes us more confident to invite people in.  To invite people here.  To throw some meat, cheese, and nuts on a platter, open a bottle of wine, turn some music on, and be with others.   But when we compare to those squares on that rectangle, when we try to define ourselves by a digital framework that came long after what truly defines us entered this world, we want to wait until everything looks like that.  When I finish this project, I’ll have people over.  When I get a bigger table, we can have people over for dinner.  When I paint this room, I can have guests here.  I love a pretty picture as much as the next person.  I love rooms with clean floors and perfect couches and new pillows.  But, that ain’t always real life, friends.  Real life is what I have to work with and I’m not going to wait for square on a rectangle perfect to live it.

One of the simplest and most fun places for me to decorate is my front door.  A cute door mat and a wreath go a long way.  Here is a cute little tutorial to make a wreath for your door.

gold wire wreath tutorialgather supplies_6 or more flowersgold wire wreathribbongreeneryglue gunglue stick

I arranged my flowers several different ways until I decided.  Then I glued them on the wreath, then I attached greenery wherever worked.  I thought it looked best to add greenery to each end of the floral design and then a little throughout to finish it off.  Add a ribbon to attach to the hook and you’re done!  The whole thing takes less than thirty minutes!



I hope if you find time to do this, you are able to let your mind reflect on how you use your home and what you hope for it.



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