how to make cold brew

I prefer to vibe in all possible ways.  For Mother’s Day, I asked for a little landscaping work in the backyard and a hammock to open things up and allow for proper summer vibing as I sip my drinks and water my flowers and listen to the kids argue and beg for me to get them snacks watch the kids play.


(There used to be overgrown bushes where those cute little astilbes are now)

One of the beverages I’ll be sipping on this summer is cold brew.  Jeff and I ordered this cold brew maker from Amazon and it’s now a staple like milk or water.  Or wine.

All of the instructions came in a different language, so here’s a tutorial on how to make it.


how to makecold brew


I like to add some mocha creamer for an iced mocha feel, or just a splash of regular milk.  I love having a full pitcher of cold brew ready in the fridge.  It’s the perfect drink to relax and recharge with while chatting with a friend.  Maybe I should add a thermos of this cold brew to the list of pool bag essentials.




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