Easy Laundry (Room) Makeover

The family and I staycationed last week, in order to tackle building a new fence.  We figured the kids would benefit from a place where I could contain them or send them when they are a little too chaotic.  My husband headed up the fence building, recruited his buddies to help and I did my part of cheering him on from the back porch with my glass of wine.

my husband loves when I have an idea for a house projectA week at home with Pinterest and coffee usually turns into me starting a house project.  Husband was off limits and I was only working with the little ones nap time and after bed so I had to dream small. When I saw my husbands, kind but concerned look after I told him I was contemplating repainting the kitchen cabinets, I decided maybe I should bite off a smaller task. 

Small House Project Decision: Laundry Closet

Our Laundry “Room” is actually more like a closet, but it is attached to our main living room and usually the first thing people see when they walk into my house.  It’s NEVER closed, because when does laundry actually ever come to a complete stop? I decided that I could maybe perk up this space so that as my bra is hanging to dry for the world to see, it would at least have a cute backdrop.


I started with an oops paint can I had grabbed from Lowes.  I did NOT like how the first pink turned out—it was definitely pepto bismol and my husband said it made our whole living room glow pink.  I happened to luck out again with a much more perfect peach/pink and love how it turned out.  But it needed a little more character. 


I considered tiling but ended when I realized it involved a tile saw.  Then I stumbled upon these peel and stick subway tiles.  I was skeptical but considering the price decided it was worth the risk.   When they came in the mail I was pleased with how they looked and their 3-D structure make them look more realistic.  They were super easy to apply.


Here’s how to apply them:

Use an exacto knife to cut a straight edge

Peel and apply to the wall at one corner

Peel the next tile and place over the “overlap” here space.

Trace and cut around outlets and then peel

A few tips: Use a level and if you misplace a tile you can quickly pull off (will take off dry wall if stuck too long).


my overall impression: I can tell that it’s not real tile when I get close to it, but I figured it would work for the mean time and my wallet was happy.  I probably wouldn’t put it in my kitchen but I liked that it would add a little something to this laundry room. 



I threw a towel rack on the inside of the wall for drying things and I spray painted the door handles with some gold paint and VOILA! The whole thing took two afternoons and less than $50.  A brand new place for laundry do-ing.  I love it and it makes this mom life a little more fun!  (and I didn’t steal my husband from building the new fence.)



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