4 Ways to Be Intentional this School Year

This summer has been so good for my momma soul.  It took me a while to get thereI really like having a clean house and some sort of form or order. I spent a few nights losing my mind after the kids went to bed because…EVERY room. Once I gave in, lowered my expectations and embraced the disorder + constant chaos, I fell back in love with having my kids around.   We had good, quality time together.  My kids remembered how much they loved each other.  They played more.  Read some.  We talked.  I fought to focus on what counted and to let the rest go.  It has been a sweet summer, one I will cherish for a long time. 



And the carousel gears up again. I spend my time filling out the calendar, planning new routines of earlier bed times and what to pack for lunches, hunting online for shoes to fit, back-to-school hair cuts, and digging through Target for that 3-pronged blue vinyl folder.  I find myself hoping to carry some of that slower, more meaningful intentionality we’ve had into this next school year.


I am still working on building this into the busy mom life.  Most of the time I don’t feel like I am succeeding at being a mom, but I want to take some small steps towards not missing out on what matters.  Here are my 4 goals for being intentional with my kids this school year:

Be: I want to work on being more intentional with turning screens off.  I am guilty when it comes to using a screen to occupy their time or giving in when they have begged me for the 42nd time.  I want to create some spaces in our schedule where screens are not allowed and we can talk.  Where I can listen.  I hope to do the same in being off of my phone and available to my surroundings.  It’s fun to watch them to eventually come up with something to play or make or read. 

Ask: Even though I don’t always feel like it, I have pockets in my day where I can make the most of connecting with my kids.  A lot of times for me it is while the kids are eating breakfast and I am unloading the dishwasher or tucking them in at bedtime. Some of my favorite talks with my son Courtland, have been on ride to school.  I try to just listen, even if it’s about Pokemon characters

Do: I can tell my kids little cups are full when we spend time together.  I want to make sure each kid gets a little oneonone time with me.  My goal is to start out small and do one little outing with kid a month and rotate turns.  I would love to make it more than that, but if I’m not realistic I will probably fail.  I want to create a little bucket list on things they each would like to do with me.  Anything from a trampoline park, visiting the donut shop or just me sitting down to paint her little toes.  I want them to know I value them and enjoy being with them.

Give: As a mom, a huge goal of mine is to help my kids see that the world is more than just ourselves.  I want them to have a heart that sees and loves others.  This year my goal will be to look for small ways we can step outside of our little world and be a part of lifting others up. Anything from the little ways of helping to be a part of the “family team” to looking for volunteer opportunities. It doesn’t have to be a big production, I think it’s the little reminders that keep their eyes open to giving encouragement or helping hand. 

I will probably putter out and forget these goals, but I am hoping that by building these into our routines, as the season of change comes, that we can continue to develop each of their characters. Hopefully, they will know they are loved, valued and truly matter. 


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