Kid’s Backpack Keychain D.I.Y.


School’s here and ready or not those sweet kids (sometimes crazy) will be heading down the halls and off to face their little worlds. This weekend in the shop we had a fun little keychain craft in hopes to send them off with something a little special.  Moms and dads and grandmas and friends were able to make a sweet little backpack accessory for them keep as a little reminder of a moment they had together. The kids (and adults) loved it so much we wanted to share with you!

Crafting with kids is such a fun opportunity to not only work together, but to squeeze in some quality time.  More often than not, when my kids and I color or play play-doh or paint, it leads to some good talk time with my kids.  I’m love tricking them into spilling whats on their minds!

Here are the supplies I used.  I included the links of what worked for us, though you can get most all of this at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  I ordered in bulk so that we could make these in our shop.

What you’ll need: 

backpack keychain diy (1)

  1. Choose how many beads you’d like (i used 2-3 on my kids) and paint your beads using one paintbrush end to hold the bead while using the other to paint.  Have fun and play with color and patterns. My kids wanted help with this part.  Lay on the the base of the bead (hold down) to dry.
  2. Drill or twist in the mini eye-hook screw into your chosen animal and string the waxed twine through. I did about 6-9″ long.
  3. Once the beads are dry, string both pieces of the wax twine through your beads
  4. Add a tassel (or a pom pom would be cute too!)
  5. Pull apart the two strings and tie around the keychain.  I made like 3 knots and then clip the excess string
  6. Add to your backpack to be the coolest kid in school!

Here are a few ones made with mama’s in the shop this weekend.  We loved seeing how they turned out and know that the kids will have a little piece of home to take to school with them.


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