the mom who doesn’t lose her mind on school mornings (satire)

SONY DSCshe’s a sound sleeper, so after 2 hours of deep REM sleep, she’s awake by 5 am. it feels good to get a little head start on the day, she always thinks. a quick 5 mile run, a shower, some professional development, goal setting, journaling, emptying of the dishwasher, watering the plants, feeding the dog, meditation, switching the laundry, morning yoga, packing her lunch, answering a few emails, fresh ground coffee made in her pour over,  putting the laundry away, her jeans and shirt and flats are put on, she dries and straightens her hair, puts on her makeup, diffuses some essential oils, and since that stuff doesn’t really take that long, she begins to make a quick breakfast for the kids.

they don’t come downstairs until 7, and promptly sit down at the table.  they don’t own a tv.  she puts homemade whole grain waffles with uncured bacon and a side of fruit and plain greek yogurt on their plate.  they’ll both eat anything, so they eat breakfast cheerfully.  there’s talk of plans for the day, after school activities, and a devotional. they wash their own plates, and begin getting ready.  both of their outfits were set out the night before, and they never ever change their minds at the last minute, so they get dressed, brush their own hair, and their teeth. lunches were packed the night before, obviously.  and they each included thought out lunch box notes.  they get their backpacks on and shoes without being asked and walk to the car the first time they were told. 

they sing hymns on the way to school and practice some of their sight words.  the drop off goes very smoothly.  the mom doesn’t drop her kids off too early and never late, but just at the right time.  she’s never speeding around the corner or frustrated at other moms for taking a long time at drop off.  they just sing their hymns and say their sight words.  the kids have their shoes always on the correct feet and have a light jacket just in case. papers are signed and in their respective backpacks.  she kindly waves to the other school moms, says a quick hello to the teacher on car rider duty, and drives off. 

and she begins to worry if she’s doing alright with the kids.

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