Gifts for Moms and Little Girls: Gift Guides for 2018 Holiday Gift Giving Season

I know you’ve already heard it and thought it, but I’m going to say it again: I can’t believe it’s already gift buying season again. All year, I can think of the most thoughtful gifts. I make mental notes.

I’m gonna get gift this for mom.

Nora would love this. Perfect Christmas gift.

But when the season draws near, and it’s time to break out that credit card, I draw complete blanks. Enter panic and realizing frantically that I know nothing about anyone in my life. Commence the wandering around Target with a peppermint mocha and filling my cart with wine, bath bombs, a cute new shirt… all for me. I need retail therapy; it’s hard to be thoughtful and buy gifts for others.

In a valiant effort to relieve our credit cards and Target shopping carts, I rounded up some gift ideas for the Moms and little girls in your life.


  1. Blankets: A pom blanket, no less. Cozy, classy, and it says “Go ahead, curl up with a book or a Netflix show. You deserve it.”
  2. Joanna Gaines new book “Homebody”: Because, JoJo.
  3. Rifle Paper Company notebooks: A fancy place to write down lists or to journal.
  4. Wild Juniper Necklace: Glam meets minimalism in this new 14k gold necklace.
  5. Birchbox subscription: The gift that literally keeps on giving – for 3, 6, or 12 months.
  6. I saved the best for last right here. Drumroll, please. This is what every mom wants. A deep house cleaning. Y’all, AMAZON WILL COME CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Amazon can take over the world as long as it keeps my house clean in the process, I’m just saying. Let her grab a coffee, put her feet up, and enjoying her sparkling crib.



  1. Bath Bombs: These aren’t just any bath bombs. There’s a surprise inside each one.
  2. Polly Pockets: If you don’t steal this from her, she’ll love it. Nostalgia overload.
  3. Bubblegum Machine: She’ll be the coolest kid in the ‘hood with her very own bubble gum machine.
  4. Love Does for Kids: I read the adult version. You can check out my thoughts on his most recent grown-up book here, but I for sure will be reading this book with Nora after Christmas.
  5. Wild Juniper Leather Bows: This set goes with everything and the metallic/floral combination makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.
  6. LatchKits: Did anyone else spend hours creating masterpieces with these kits as a kid?

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