How to Wear Gingham

How to Wear Gingham

One of my favorite trends is gingham.  I'm not sure if it's the Southern girl in me or not, but I just find it super classy, and I love all the ways people are mixing it up.  I'm seeing gingham skirts with graphic tees, gingham tanks and distressed jeans, and classy gingham high waisted shorts [...]

let’s be honest.

getting dressed is hard. there are so many rules and so many things to cover.  it's like doing a hard puzzle with ticking time bombs (kids) in the background.  if you are anything like me, your typical momiform is jeans, a tee, and in the cooler weather - a cardigan.  if i'm feelin fancy, i wear booties. otherwise flats.

Fall Comfy Cozy Outfit Idea

The cooler weather is kickin' in here in the midwest.  a.k.a, i start off freezing and by the middle of the day I end up sweaty.  Hence, why I love layers.

Here is a quick comfy outfit idea: Grab your favorite, best fitting jeans (everyone needs these), a fall colored pocket-tee, tie up the bottom corner.  Throw on a neutral (gray or beige) comfy knit sweater.  The kind you stick your hands into and sip your coffee.  Lastly, add a beaded tassel.  Secret: You'll fool everyone that you're more dressy than you are with these beaded tassels.  Instant upgrade.  Voila! You're set to run errands, chase the little or devour all things pumpkin.