spring style wishlist on a budget

Last week was spring break and I wish I could say I spent it sipping fancy drinks on the beach, I instead spent it on the floor of my bathroom potty training my 2 year old.  I just want to thank all of you who did travel, I did spend my time living vicariously through all of your lives while eating more than my fair share of Easter candy.

let’s be honest.

getting dressed is hard. there are so many rules and so many things to cover.  it’s like doing a hard puzzle with ticking time bombs (kids) in the background.  if you are anything like me, your typical momiform is jeans, a tee, and in the cooler weather – a cardigan.  if i’m feelin fancy, i wear booties. otherwise flats.

Fall Comfy Cozy Outfit Idea

The cooler weather is kickin’ in here in the midwest.  a.k.a, i start off freezing and by the middle of the day I end up sweaty.  Hence, why I love layers.

Here is a quick comfy outfit idea: Grab your favorite, best fitting jeans (everyone needs these), a fall colored pocket-tee, tie up the bottom corner.  Throw on a neutral (gray or beige) comfy knit sweater.  The kind you stick your hands into and sip your coffee.  Lastly, add a beaded tassel.  Secret: You’ll fool everyone that you’re more dressy than you are with these beaded tassels.  Instant upgrade.  Voila! You’re set to run errands, chase the little or devour all things pumpkin.