Our “Family Christmas Card”

I got a lot of the things crossed off the holiday list this year, but family Christmas cards were NOT one of them.  I have it on my life's bucket list to get to them one of these years, but 2017 won't be that year.


Each Gift Matters

In a space in time where consumerism is at its peak, and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and money exchanging hands, we talk about how important it is for our customers to feel that it’s more to us than that. We want our customers to be able to give a gift that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

let’s be honest.

getting dressed is hard. there are so many rules and so many things to cover.  it's like doing a hard puzzle with ticking time bombs (kids) in the background.  if you are anything like me, your typical momiform is jeans, a tee, and in the cooler weather - a cardigan.  if i'm feelin fancy, i wear booties. otherwise flats.

What the Heck is Life?

 I recently I took a double decker bus tour, with a dear friend, of our city.  It was fun to play "tourist" in our own town and i came away with about 80, 000 facts about the history and the people of this Kansas City home that I love.  It definitely thrilled my inner-history loving geek.  But, I tend to be a little wacky and sentimental in my thoughts so of course I have been overly analyzing some thoughts on that experience.  (I won't judge you if you stop reading.) 

the main question

i've been asking myself this question a lot lately.  why? i've been reading that the root of success in anything at all is knowing why you started.  knowing why you are still doing it.  i'll be honest, after doing the same thing for 6+ years, it can be easy to forget why i started.  but lately i have really wanted to remember.  

Fall Comfy Cozy Outfit Idea

The cooler weather is kickin' in here in the midwest.  a.k.a, i start off freezing and by the middle of the day I end up sweaty.  Hence, why I love layers.

Here is a quick comfy outfit idea: Grab your favorite, best fitting jeans (everyone needs these), a fall colored pocket-tee, tie up the bottom corner.  Throw on a neutral (gray or beige) comfy knit sweater.  The kind you stick your hands into and sip your coffee.  Lastly, add a beaded tassel.  Secret: You'll fool everyone that you're more dressy than you are with these beaded tassels.  Instant upgrade.  Voila! You're set to run errands, chase the little or devour all things pumpkin.